24 January 2008

16 pairs for 16 years

The bag o' socks has become a basket o' socks (and 1 pair of mittens because I just could not make myself knit another pair of socks). This was a pretty good idea for an anniversary present, if I do say so myself, although I personally don't think I can repeat this feat, even cheating with so many sport-weight socks in the bunch! Thanks to my patient husband for letting me take pictures before he wore the items and thanks to Captain Jack and M for "assisting", both of whose socks you will spy in the pictures below.

M showing you his dinosaur socks

Laila's Socks from Folk Knitting in Estonia
modified for 8 stitch repeat
Opal 6-ply in blue and gold

D-zined 55% wool/ 45% hemp

Dead Calm socks with twisted stitches
Ellen's Halfpint Farm 100% merino
the camera really washed out the depth of the colors, but this is beautiful yarn

Cabled Socks
Dream in Color Smooshy "Dusky Aurora"
gorgeous, subtle color variation

Hideous Socks (With a Cute Kitty to Keep You From Feeling Nauseous)
stitch pattern #107 from Japanese "250 Knitting Patterns"
Socks That Rock Heavyweight in Thistle (ha-ha)

K3 P1 rib socks
Misty Mountain Farm superwash merino

top-down cable and rib socks
Nature's Palette Odd Duck #4

toe-up socks with garter heel
Socks that Rock Heavyweight in Beryl

Gentleman's Fancy Sock from "Knitting Vintage Socks"
Online Supersocke 100 Sierra

K3P2 rib
Socks that Rock Heavyweight in Ruby Slippers

Priscilla's Dream Socks from "Favorite Socks"
Morehouse Merino 2-ply and local alpaca stripes
Braid-Relation Mittens
Dale Heilo

cuff-down heel-flap socks
Mirasol Hacho shade 305 (2.1 skeins)

generic toe-up socks
6-ply Opal in black and melon

generic socks
Online Supersocke 100 Tropic Color

And, if anyone is keeping track, somehow I missed taking a photo of:

Ribbed Lace Socks from "Sensational Knitted Socks"
Socks that Rock Mediumweight Smoky Topaz


Bezzie said...

Holy cow. 16 pairs of MAN socks? My hat is off to you! I love those Estonian folk ones best I think!

Donna Lee said...

Wow. That's a lot of socks. How long did it take to knit all of those? I made 15 pairs of socks last year but it took me a whole year to make them. That's a lotta love in that basket.

BooBoo said...

Thanks, Bezzie and Donna Lee. I started knitting these last April and finished the first 8 pairs or so by the end of June, but the second set of 8 dragged on and on, hence the mittens instead of socks for the 16th :).