27 January 2008

My first ever FO

I saw at The nerd and the needles a photo of her first knitted sweater (wow!) in response to a challenge on Petunia's blog.

I still have my first ever knitted object and took a snapshot today. I made it probably 19 or 20 years ago when I lived in Chicago and was never warm enough all winter. All my bought scarves were skimpy, useless things and I decided to learn to knit so I could make a scarf big enough to wrap around my head and face, just as in the photo. I wore it all the time in those Chicago winters, tucked under the hood of my ankle-length coat. Here in New Jersey, I only need to wear it maybe once or twice a year. It's warmer here and I have a car, so am not constantly out walking or waiting for the bus.

I lucked out with this as a first project, I think. It's 100% alpaca and warm and soft. I ordered it from Pueblo to People (anybody else remember them fondly?) as I didn't know of anywhere else to buy yarn! How lucky was I to begin my knitting journey with yummy, soft, and warm natural fiber... Although if someone had warned me how obsessed I would become, I like to believe I would have thought twice :).

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Strikkelise said...

What a lovely first scarf. I'm impressed that you used alpaca all those years ago!