13 April 2008

Eggs and other good things

We admired our eggs this week. The little kids thought they looked like Easter eggs. I'm sure we will never go back to "regular" eggs from the grocery store.

My Rowan Calmer arrived. It is a little darker than I thought it would be, but still a nice color, for a khaki, anyway! I've dithered a bit about what to knit with it-- however, here's what I'm going with, except with long or 3/4 sleeves: "girly 1" from Rowan Studio 9. (It's the pink one in the pictures from the mag at this link.) I've actually had to take a break from knitting on it today, because I was so OCD about it yesterday that my hands feel really tired today. I'd really like to have it done before our week at the Cape at the end of June. I know that sounds like tons of time to some knitters, but I think it usually takes me at least 3 months to actually finish an entire sweater... otherwise, I'd give myself a goal like having it done before Maryland Sheep and Wool.

And now that I've made such a smooth transition-- how much do you plan ahead what you are going to buy at these big festivals? This will be my 3rd time going. The first time, I didn't find the yarn in the buildings until we were heading out (I'm not kidding!). Last year, I went with the intention of buying sock yarn that caught my eye. This year, I don't know. I feel like I've slowly been replacing my quick to knit yarns with fingering and lace weights, which, while they don't take up much room, certainly have made the amount of yardage in my possession quite scarily high. So, while I find those appealing, I want to also find some interesting worsted or chunky weight yarns this year. Any suggestions for vendors to search out? Any tried and true strategies for deciding what (and how much!) to buy?

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Bezzie said...

I'm not a big stasher so I can't really help you. There's a lot of one skein of this and one skein of that in my stash--never enough for projects.

Love the eggs! YUM!